Ronsted Lab - NHM Denmark

Natural History Museum of Denmark

Nina Rønsted - Research objectives

I am an evolutionary biologist with a dual background in pharmaceutical sciences and plant systematics. I lead a team of fantastic people at The Natural History Museum of Denmark and most of our work involves a large international network of collaborators.

In our primary research program, "Evolution of chemical diversity across time, space and species" we focus on understanding the correlation between phylogenetic and chemical diversity to develop new tools for chemosystematics, prediction of biosynthetic pathways and the appreciation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources. We study correlations and predictability across evolutionary
time, across geographical space from populations to global scale, and between species and higher taxa in a phylogenetic framework.

Other ongoing projects focus on using plant phylogeny to explore questions in evolutionary biology such as co-evolution in the fig-wasp mutualism. Read more on our
project pages….