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Natural History Museum of Denmark
Phylogenetic prediction

Our research explores the evolution of plants and the correlation between phylogeny, chemical biology/biological interactions and natural products, to offer new solutions for the appreciation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources. We strive to produce innovative, visible and renowned research of high standard in an international, collaborative, vibrant and supportive environment.

Current major research areas are:

  • Evolution of chemical diversity across time, space and species
  • Phylogenetic prediction of biochemical pathways and biological activity
  • Phylogenetics and coevolution of figs and their pollinating wasps
  • Higher plant phylogeny (e.g. Ficus, Galanthus, Cinchona)

Further details can be found on individual pages of our group members and major research projects. Please contact us if you are interested in our work.

We always welcome enthusiastic students to get involved in our projects.

Funding Current projects are funded in majority by the Carlsberg Foundation, the European Commission, the Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences, and a Freja Stipend to NR from the Faculty of Science. We are very grateful to these organisations for their support.

Contact information

Nina Rønsted. Ph.D.
Natural History Museum of Denmark
Botanic Garden and Museum
Sølvgade 83, Entrance S
DK-1307 Copenhagen K
E-mail: nronsted @
Phone: + 45 - 33 32 48 48